Architect - ReactJS Bootstrap 4 Admin UI Dashboard Theme

ArchitectUI is a contemporary ReactJS Bootstrap 4 Admin UI Dashboard Template

Developers shouldn’t be designers! With Architect they may be able to simply put some components in combination and voila, the app looks like it was designed by a professional.

ArchitectUI is built for ReactJS powered programs. It comprises a variety of parts, elements and widgets so that developers don’t waste time with the visible/design part. they simply positioned some parts together and voila, the app seems like it was constructed through a professional clothier.

We’ve worked so much in the previous couple of months on this template so as to add as many options as needed so that it’ll be a real assist for any person who’ll use it.

Main Options

  • 10 different dashboard examples.
  • Over 150 components that can be merged in combination to create new unique components and flows.
  • Layout options to easily make the sidebar, footer or header mounted or static. Check the documentation!
  • Two simple to customise gentle colors schemes with EIGHT other accent colours.
  • Next week we’ll release an inverted black topic for ArchitectUI. Stay tuned!
  • Multiple web page templates: mounted content name, fastened sidebar, split draggable structure
  • Person pages for login, check in, forgot password, every with to permutations: boxed and fluid.
  • Programs examples: Mailbox, Chat, FAQ Phase
  • Over 25 varieties of buttons, every with 8 colour schemes.
  • Over FIVE other kinds available for dropdown menus, headers with backgrounds, pictures, buttons and text permutations.
  • FIVE icons packs: Pe7 Icons, FontAwesome, LinearIcons, IonIcons, Flag Icons.
  • Badges, labels and avatars with a couple of config choices and kinds.
  • Over 10 different card types to be had. Block loading cards, with buttons, tabs and a couple of menus.
  • ReactJS Loaders and component loading widget incorporated.
  • Record teams with more than one choices, they are able to hold images, text, subtitles, loading indicators, buttons and plenty of extra.
  • Navigation menus, 2 column, 3 column grid nav menus, horizontal and vertical menus.
  • Vertical timelines with 3 different forms of indicators.
  • Heritage gradients, forged colors and pictures can be found to taste virtually any part.
  • … and many different helpful features and widgets!

a few of the ReactJS plugins we’ve integrated in ArchitectUI

  • ReactStrap
    Simple to make use of React Bootstrap 4 parts
  • Block UI
    Easy way to block the person from interacting together with your UI
  • Calendar
    Complete web page calendar ReactJS widget
  • Slick Slider
    Carousel part built with React. it is a react port of Slick Carousel

  • CountUp
    A configurable React element wrapper around CountUp.js
  • Sticky Headers
    A performant and complete React sticky element
  • Layout Splitters
    React format vertical and horizontal splitter element
  • Sticky Elements
    Sticky library for React.
  • Guided Tours
    Vacationer Guide into your React Elements
  • Image Cropper
    A responsive symbol cropping instrument for React
  • Vector Maps
    An svg map part constructed with and for React
  • Google Maps
    Google map library for react that permits rendering components as markers
  • Metis Menu
    A able / simple to make use of, extremely customizable, updateable, ajax supported, animated and material designed menu part for
  • Visibiliy Sensor
    Sensor element for React that notifies you while it is going in or out of the window viewport.
  • Rodal Modals
    A React modal with animations
  • Candy Indicators Notifications
    Declarative SweetAlert in React
  • Toastify Notifications
    React notification made simple
  • Dynamic Pagination
    React dynamic pagination element
  • Advanced Development Bars
    Renders a svg circle + progress, it just works
  • Ranking
    A rating react element with custom symbols.
  • Absolute Best Scrollbar
    A react wrapper for best-scrollbar
  • Data Tables
    Light-Weight, rapid and extendable datagrid built for React
  • Filtrable Tables
    Next Generation of react-bootstrap-table
  • Responsive Tabs
    Responsive React tabs with beautiful animations
  • Sortable Tree
    Drag-and-drop sortable component for nested information and hierarchies
  • Hamburger Buttons
    React element for lively hamburgers nav buttons.
  • Navigation drawer constructed with the superior react-motion

  • Timeline
    Vertical timeline for React.js
  • Flag Icons
    Stunning flag icons for usage in React.js apps
  • FontAwesome
    Font Awesome FIVE React part
  • Ionicons
    React Ionicon component
  • ChartJS 2
    React wrapper for Chart.js
  • justGage
    Justgage impressed .svg gauge for React
  • Liquid Gauge
    React Liquid Gauge part
  • Sparklines
    Gorgeous and expressive Sparklines React part
  • Recharts
    Redefined chart library constructed with React and D3
  • Clipboard
    Reproduction-to-clipboard React part
  • Colorpicker
    Colour Pickers from Caricature, Photoshop, Chrome, Github, Twitter & more
  • Datepicker
    An Effortless and reusable datepicker element for React
  • React Widgets
    Dropdown, Combobox, Make A Selection Checklist, Multiselect, Dropdown Select, Numberpicker
  • Number Input
    Numeric input component for React
  • Range Slider
    Slider UI element for React
  • Dropzone
    Easy HTML5 drag-drop zone with React
  • React Make A Selection
    The Make A Choice Element for React.js
  • Input Masks
    Enter covering element for React. Made with consideration to UX.
  • Textarea Autosize
    React part which robotically resizes textarea as content changes
  • Toggle Transfer
    A draggable toggle-transfer part for React
  • Typeahead
    React typeahead with Bootstrap styling
  • DraftJs
    A Wysiwyg editor build on top of ReactJS and DraftJS
  • ckEditor
    React part for CKEditor
  • Availity Paperwork Validations
    Easy to use React validation elements compatible for reactstrap.



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