You can achieve very high-quality photo effects without it having to take you days, hours, or your whole work week creating them from scratch. You can do this with creative Photoshop actions.

In this article, we showcase a selection of our best photo effect Photoshop actions from Envato Market (updated weekly), with a huge variety of commercial-quality, creative styles to work with, that will save you a ton of time.

These creative photo effects are made for designers and digital artists that work in Adobe Photoshop. They can help you transform your photos and add a number of innovative effects to them, taking your flyers, posters, or photo manipulations to the next level!

Each downloadable PSD action is easy to work with. Get results with the push of a button. Readily direct how each action works with your source photos. Most of these actions work with brushes that you can apply and control. You can then further customize the effects from the resulting organized layers to get exactly the look you’re aiming for.

Jump into this collection, and learn more about the time-saving, professional Photoshop Actions that can transform your photos with professional creative effects!

Creative Photoshop Actions & Photo Effects on Envato Elements

You can find hundreds of amazing Photoshop actions on Envato Elements, with a compelling offer: download as many as you want for a single monthly fee.

For example, check out this amazing Sandstorm Photoshop Action. It’s so easy to create this mind-blowing effect — just brush onto the areas of your photo that you would like to transform, hit the play button, and sit back and watch it happen!

Here are ten more great photo effect actions to add to your essential toolkit.

Flex Photoshop Action

Flex your insane power with this awesome Photoshop action. Created to emulate a high-energy abstract artwork, this action is super easy to use. Simply fill in your subject with color and play the action. It’s really that simple!

Try it on your favorite photos or bring life to wildlife photography.

80 Double Exposure Photoshop Actions

Or show off your love for this trendy double exposure photo effect. Featured in this action pack are 80 incredible Photoshop actions that help you merge your favorite photos together. Create a professional effect in seconds with this amazing set.

Elemental Photoshop Action

Show how fierce and fiery you are with this wickedly awesome elemental Photoshop action featuring several colorful elements to choose from. Simply brush over the area of the photo where you would like the effect to occur, and press play!

Explore the different color options to open the door to new photo effect possibilities.

Dimension Photoshop Action

Explore different dimensions with this super creative Photoshop action. Designed to make it look as if you’re shattering right through to another dimension, this pack features eight different glass patterns that can be scaled up or down depending on your personal preferences.

Easily control which part of your subject appears in front of the glass wall, and choose from ten color options for additional looks.

Sin City Photoshop Actions

Recreate the look of the blockbuster hit, Sin City, with these amazing Photoshop actions. This iconic film was designed with an incredible black and white graphic style with hints of vibrant colors. Recreate the look yourself with this professional action.

Included in this package is helpful documentation for further instruction. Don’t miss out on the bonus matte and grain photo effects to explore more creative options.

Architekt Photoshop Action

Love geometric design? How about incorporating it into your next photo effect? Give this insane Architekt action a try to transform your photos into a highly detailed work of art. As with many actions online, the process to achieve results like the one shown below is simple.

Simply fill the subject with color and press play on the Actions panel. Watch your photo magically shift into an explosive abstract design with just a few clicks!

Water Photoshop Action

Or splash around with this super cool water-inspired Photoshop action. Created to turn you into a powerful underwater entity, this creative photo effect is definitely one you’ll want to try.

Included in this package are three different water actions, each with a unique set of splash graphics. Get a realistic underwater effect over your subject by just hiding a few simple layers!

Forge Photoshop Action

Ready to creative explosive photos with amazing, high-quality details? Forge your own works of art with this incredible Photoshop action.

This action has been tested to work on a multitude of Photoshop versions, so rest easy knowing that you can create this photo effect on your current version. Enjoy access to a quick video tutorial to see this action at work!

Plasma Photoshop Action

Create gorgeous, luminous lines and incredible lighting effects with this awesome Photoshop action. A photo effect that transforms your photos into stylish, abstract designs, this package includes an easy-to-use action to create an energetic design with a few simple clicks.

Download this package to get access to helpful documents and an additional video to see the step-by-step process of this plasma evolution.

Haunted Photoshop Actions

Want to creep out your friends the fun way? Give this ghoulish Photoshop action a try. Created to simulate the haunting look of horror films, this action will transform you or a friend into a photographed ghost.

Download this action for a professional visual effect that works non-destructively to alter your photos.

If you prefer to buy actions one at a time instead of getting unlimited access, check out the selection from Envato Market below.


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